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Large Capacity IH Cooker

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This Cooking Machine has been developed aiming for “Hand-Made Cooking” fried rice.
One batch may be 100 dishes and within few minutes. Mixer has been specially developed for simulating for “Chef’s pan tossing”. By applying Induction Heating, this machine is achieving the accurate temperature control, quick response and less heating loss. Pan is tilting both side in order to meet HACCP requirement and pan weight is measured to check the cooking volume (as an option).
The machine already in market such central kitchen, more than 350 sets.

Small Capacity IH Cooker

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This is for hotel and/or restaurant. This machine is cooking widely star-fries, simmered with 90% heat efficiency high power. Due to IH, accurate temperature control and safety without fire. It is environmental friendly machine.
There is two types on commercial, pan dia. 500nn with 5 kw power and pan dia. 600mm with 7 kw power.


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This is table top type IH Cooking Machine for mainly food court, restaurant and hotel.
By quick response with high temperature, the excellent fried rice is cooked easily within 3 min. Chinese Wok is special skilled hand-made by iron and it is Guangdong type.

Automatic Ingredient Batching System “RECIPE”

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This is the automatic measurement machine for auxiliary material.
By memorizing 40 measurement pattern and calculating composition, it is completely eliminated human error.
Compering hand measurement, it is time and power saving.
Hopper is disassemble without using tools and washing for clean.


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ITOH KOUKI has developed Induction Heating type Rotary Kiln for the purpose of sterilizing, drying, roasting and bulking and for applying Coffee Beans, Sesame Seeds, Nuts, Tea Leaves and others. As the option, this Rotary Kiln is adding Super Heat Steam injection system in order to keep less oxygen environments inside kiln.
Due to Induction Heating system, there are several merits such as accurate temperature control, high efficiency heating input, safety and better working conditions.
No fire, less possibility of fire accident and No CO2, environment friendly machine.


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This is developed for Heating, Roasting, Drying and Sterilizing.
It is small scale of Rotary Kiln and already incorporated Super Heat Steam.
By adding Super Heat Steam, it is expecting to be produced high quality blended product.


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This is co-developing with Chubu Electric Power Corp. and Nippon Dennetsu Co. Ltd.
This is explosion type and heating up over 400 deg. C.



This is the Vegetable Boiling Machine using Super Heat Steam.
The machine in below photos is equipped 30 kw Super Heat Steam generator and the capacity is about 300kg/H vegetable boiling by just 30 sec. steaming.
The vegetable which is cooked by Super Heat Steam has special taste as showing in supplier’s brochure.


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This is simply OIL / WATER Separator using just static head.
It is using both machining oil and also vegetable oil.